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Have you ever wondered what the announcement type "prompt recording by telephone" is used for?

Announcements of this type can be updated by telephone and can be changed as required, for example, to play fault announcements to callers. See also - Prompt Types

Create a Prompt

An announcement of this type is created as follows:

It is important that the announcement is not empty before it is overwritten or updated for the first time. If it is not required at the time, an empty .WAV file can, for example, be uploaded.

IVR Application

To make it possible for employees to record the announcement, consider the following example IVR program:

How does it work?

The first object contains a simple greeting that prompts the caller to record a new prompt and could be setup like this:

The next object is for the recording itself and could be setup like this:

After recording, the file is saved using the next object. These settings are important and ensure that the prompt is overwritten:

See also - Save Recording(s)

In order to check the quality of the freshly recorded prompt, we play it again:

To run this, assign this routing application to a service number.

We wish you good luck building the application!

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