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When managing prompts, an ordering by types can make sense. The specification of a prompt type is required when creating new prompts. Choose Prompt Management - Prompt Types in the main menu. To create a new prompt type click on New in the toolbar. Provide the following information:


The name of the prompt type.

Telephone Update

Prompts of this type can be updated by telephone (re-recorded) and thereby
updated. This is a useful option for prompts, which need to be re-configured
during normal operation, for example prompts played to callers before their
calls are connected to a call center.

Invisible for subroles

Prompts of this type cannot be seen by roles further down the system hierarchy
(for example by users, who are ACD group administrators), and therefore cannot
be configured or selected by them.

After entry click on Save. Use Save to return to the list of prompts.

In the list of existing prompt types use Edit to modify the prompt type and Delete to remove the prompt type from the system. Please note, that deleting a prompt type deletes all prompts of that type too.

Please also note that changing the prompt type of an already configured prompt may have undesirable effects on the underlying system file. For example, if you are changing a prompt from Standard to a different type, or vice versa, download the prompt first and load it back into the updated configuration.

If you have already changed to a different type and the prompt fails to download, reset the settings to the previous one and the file will reappear at full size.

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